Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Dads Matter to Daughters: Video

Please take a moment to watch this important and powerful video from our friends at

We are proud to partner with this great project, and so please that they know--and celebrate--the power and potential of father-daughter relationships.


Hugh said...

This is awesome Joe, thanks for posting.

Jeffrey Salmeto said...

Great video! I'm just a few months away from being a first time daddy to a little baby girl and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Great video. Time spent with our daughters is so important. One thing I do with my daughter is take her to our annual father daughter dance at church.

Anonymous said...

So many girls don't and it hurts in a myriad of ways that harm them. Sad so many young dads don't realize this until it's too late and their precious little jewel has gone awry. So many, many sad girl-stories, often with a missing dad-component that could have been saved if only dad knew then, or could predict the future: He kneels at a table, his hand held out on the top, an old rusty railroad spike held over his wrist by a mysterious creature raising a maul held high who asks, "how bad do you want to go back!". Dad begins weeping and moves his other wrist above the the other. The maul immediately crashes down driving the spike through both lodging into the table impaling dad. He cries in pain and once again awakens, eyes wide open and then lays motionless just staring at the floor.

I am that dad.