Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corporal Punishment Debate

There's a fascinating discussion underway about discipline and corporal punishment at the DadTalk list on Yahoo ( If you have any doubt that fathers are thoughtful and concerned and passionate about raising good children--you MUST read these conversations.

Here are some examples:

I have recently started giving my 14 YO time outs again. Sit for 5 minutes and then tell me why you are there and why it was bad. Was she ever shocked the first time I did it (she hadn't had or needed a time out in years)! The point is it seems to be working, she is learning self control. I gave her a time out in a restaurant once but it was far from home (we were camping) I would never do something like that in front of her acquaintances.
I think this issue is highly charged with emotion and judgment. But I'll state this clearly up front: I am in favor of spanking at a certain age. Until a young child is able to actually "reason" the "whys" of appropriate behavior, a physical reminder - issued with love and thoughtfulness by a parent - can be very effective.
I think we are agreeing on far more than we disagree. Not reinforcing bad behavior is the goal, the difference being an understanding of how to achieve it, and the implications of different methods. And we differ how much we believe over-coddling is possible or how dangerous it is.
Use the comment section below to share your insights & experiences on discipline. We can learn from you!