Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let me tell you about an engaging, insightful new book designed for dads and adult daughters who want more from their relationship – and for professionals who work with families. It’s called “Between Fathers and Daughters: Enriching or Rebuilding Your Adult Relationship” by Dr. Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University, where she teaches the country’s only college course on father-daughter relationships.

It’s fascinating to read, yet also has Linda’s no-nonsense, concrete strategies for improving the relationships between adult women and their dads and stepdads.

It’s rather baffling (or pathetic?) that there is only one college course on dad-daughter relationships, so little research on the topic, and so few books about it. So, I want to draw attention when something good does appear. Even if you’re the dad of a younger daughter, check out this book, and it will absolutely convince you of how important you are to your daughter’s future.